About Us

L.I. Harley Riders …. and so a New Chapter Begins


For it is not about our name, it is about “us” – we make up one of the premier riding groups on Long Island, always have and always will. When you think about it, as individual riders, each of us has the freedom to swing a leg over the Milwaukee Vibrator and follow the road wherever it may lead us. And while there are days that we need to get out, if only for an hour by ourselves, there are the times we look to sharing the ride experience and destination with our close friends and fellow Harley riders.That is one of the things that set our group apart from the rest.

Our Officers and Road Captains are committed to you, our members, to provide some of the most memorable riding and event experiences we can. Those of us who have participated in our rides and events may agree our folks have done an amazing job!

So what exactly is the L.I. Harley Riders, Inc all about? As a group made up of exclusively “Harley Riders”, we have created a Charter under the guise of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) – our Charter # 3156 – which became official mid February. Incorporating as a “Not-For-Profit” corporation was one requirement in forming a Chapter with the AMA and we are indebted to one of our members, Lance Margolin, who was instrumental in the Incorporation process.

The AMA offers a few different types of riding group charters – the one we chose is the “Promoting” type, which promotes safe, responsible recreational motorcycling activities, in addition to supporting our annual charity events – Winthrop and Sagamore. We have created By-Laws and a Constitution (which will be posted to our web site for all to view) identifying the protocol we are to follow.



One question many may be asking: Do I need to become a member of the AMA? The short answer, No. While our members are not required to join the AMA, we encourage all to explore the AMA and the benefits afforded to its members. As Officers, and potential candidates, those of us who serve at an Officer capacity are required to be AMA members. Feel free to explore the AMA to see what the organization is comprised of and the benefits offered, one of which similar to that of a National HOG membership, is Road-Side Assistance.

Like National HOG, the AMA offers different levels of membership, and membership rates which vary to each respective type. Many may wish to retain their National HOG membership, as we plan to attend a few Harley Davidson events, some of which are “Pin-Stops” requiring a National HOG membership to acquire the pin for the respective event. Again, your choice.


Unlike HOG, the AMA does not host “rallies” per se, but if you go to their web site you will see an array of “recreational” motorcycle events, many of which are benefit type supporting a variety of charitable rides/ events. Those sanctioned events (I.E. Americade) may be of interest as you plan your trips and vacation get-a-ways.

Our President

Vice President/Past President

So as we look down the road, we hope all our Lighthouse members choose to remain as a family with our new group, the L.I. Harley Riders. Albeit the name we identify ourselves may be different, “we” have not changed and want all our members to know that we will continue in our quest in creating some of the most memorable rides and events together… for truly there are Too Many Roads and Too Little Time.

Bill Vultaggio
Vice President/Past President