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USI Electric

USI Electric, div. of GenReady, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Ed Reiff. For 35 years, we have specialized in swimming pool wiring and stand by generator installations.

With the last 2 hurricane seasons delivering some major power outages, we have increasingly moved our focus to the supply and installation of stand by home generators.

We are an authorized dealer for Generac. We inventory all the popular sizes to ensure the installation can be done in a short period of time. Whether you want to protect your entire home, including air conditioning or you just want to cover the essential things like heat, hot water and the refrigerator, we have the unit for you. In addition, we are an authorized maintenance and repair company. So we are there for you for all your generator needs .

Over the years we have been on the cutting edge with technology with the newest controls the swimming pool
industry has to offer and, of course, generators. You can now operate your entire pool and spa from your I-phone, lighting and water features as well. An app for everything I guess. Your generator sends us an e-mail with every status change, so we monitor every unit from our office. If there is a problem we know instantly what the problem is and what needs to be done so we can keep your unit “ready to run”.

My son Andrew is now getting his electrical license so the
business will keep moving for many years to come. Our
focus has always been customer service first. We do a nice
neat job and rely on recommendations for the majority of our

We offer 0% financing through GE Credit and TD Bank
when available. So purchasing and owning a standby
generator is not only smart, it’s affordable. It’s like having
an insurance policy.


Remember……………..Be smart…..Be Prepared…..Be GenReady


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If You Ride a Harley And Are Looking for a Proactive Riding Group

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If you are new to L.I. Harley Riders or if you would like to become a member, download the attached enrollment form and bring it to the next meeting.

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Meetings are held on the Third

Sunday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the

Nathan Hale VFW Hall210 West Pulaski RoadHuntington Station, NY


Be Prepared

A timely message from our Safety Director Dom Mozzone…

Overnight Trip Preparation

loaded bike

Finally our overnight riding season is upon us YES!!!!  FUN FUN FUN riding with the LI Harley Riders through tunnels, over bridges, ferries, oh those great back roads and any interstate where our plans take us.   The diversity of the destinations we embark on are all carefully scripted for safety and fun.  We’re all pretty much used to our weekend ride preparations averaging a few hours a week with a planned and organized lunch stop.  That’s because the lead road captain for that Sunday ride most likely has pre road the route to inspect the road conditions and how he/she will manage the ride once its underway, including making arrangements with the restaurant in advance of us walking in the door.

The overnight rides are another story as most cannot be pre road so we investigate all planned stops along the way via on-line sources and load them accordingly onto our GPSs.  This ads another dimension to making the ride as seamless as possible when your taking off on a multi state trip and racking up enough miles in a few day that took you months to do at home.   Those trips require all of us to prepare accordingly to ensure your own safety and that of your fellow club members.  Case in point: Would you want to ride behind someone who has a bald tire?  Hell no!!  Everyone should be aware of their tire condition and prepare accordingly to avoid unnecessary problems due to an oversight of proper motorcycle maintenance.

Trip preparation can be done easily if you follow a list of items most commonly used while riding long distances.  After many trips taken by yours truly, along with stopping to shop for things I should have packed, I’ve compiled a list of must haves when you prepare for a long trip.  It is as follows:


Flash light/extra batteries
First aid kit
Flat repair kit with air to inflate tire
Check tire pressure per manual
Tire pressure tool
Adjust rear shock pressure
Windshield cleaner
Pocket knife
Bungie cords
Map routes loaded onto GPS with manual directions and associated state maps
Extra oil & check levels
Clothes for # of days, include a bathing suit for hotel play
Glasses for riding night/day
Reading glasses if over 50
Passport if going international
Insurance cards
HOG/AMA emergency # and policy #
Emergency contact numbers – to be collected at trip meeting
Medical insurance card
HOG/AMA membership card
Two credit cards, keep separate

ATM card and cash (1/2 cash separate)
Small rags

Gun and ammo *
Cell phone with charger
Camera with extra battery/memory/charger
Hotel reservation information

Water and snacks
Riding buddies cell numbers

Ensure bike recently serviced and/or lubed
Bike owners manual

Notepad and pen
HOG/AMA Event tickets
Ferry per directions – to be provided at trip meeting
Kick stand plate when on dirt
Extra bike key kept separate
Bike cover
Bug spray

Rain gear
Do rags – hat
Gentleman’s Jack for evening consumption

* Only kidding


Our club always has a pre trip meeting of all members planning to attend the long distance rides to go over routes and general information, guidelines etc. so that once under way we’re all on the same page.  If you’re planning to go on one of these rides and there is a pre trip meeting definitely plan on attending it.

Your probably wondering WTF!  How in hell am I going to fit all this onto my motorcycle.  Trust me, you can do it, and if you don’t and take this advice passively you’ll wish you didn’t when stuff comes your way and you need to be prepared for everything and anything.   Been there done that and learned from it!!…..Ride safe and often and have a blast!!!!