Counter Steering and Hard Braking

By Dom Mozzone, Safety Officer

These are two maneuvers that become instinctive as you rack up more milage and take an advanced riders course which highlights the areas that are most likely to get us into trouble if we’re not paying attention.  I’ve included a clip that discusses the proper way to counter steer and hard brake, take the time to view this short clip ( ), the rider explains and demos the proper techniques to address both of these actions.         Riding is fun but you MUST pay attention to your surroundings and anticipate the next intersection, turn, stop, merge, animals, people, cars, trucks other bikers….get the picture?  Awareness of your surrounding is a critical element of riding safely.  Some ’06 stats from the Motorcycle Safety Council are as follows: 46% of all fatal motorcycle accidents occurred during the execution of a turn.  The main cause, entering the turn at an excessive speed.  As I mentioned at one of our previous monthly meetings on turning, its best to accelerate through a turn in lieu of an ‘uh oh’ and attempt to hard brake while your leaning into a turn, NOT GOOD!!  SLOW DOWN when approaching a turn, especially one that your not familiar with.  The result will cause you to accelerate through the turn which is optimum, fun and the safest way to execute a turn.          Another interesting statistic is the numero uno place where 90% of motorcycle accidents occur is at intersections.  Remember the discussion we had on approaching an intersection?  Always approach it as if someone will run the light or stop sign, or make that left turn in front of you so you should always be planning your escape route which will be more instinctive than reactive when your prepared.  This kind of mental activity when riding will improve your reaction time and it’ll keep you alert; I call it zone out prevention.  Always look way ahead of your path and anticipate the surroundings your approaching.  When doing so there is a reasonable chance that your escape path, if necessary, will be the one of least resistance and maximum safety.         Ride safe, ride often and anticipate anticipate anticipate…. Happy New Year, Dom Mozzone